Iran signs $3.2-billion natural gas deal with China
LA Times / Borzou Daragahi
15-Mar-2009 (3 comments)

Iran announced a $3.2-billion natural gas deal with China on Saturday, a move that underscored the difficulty of using economic sanctions to pressure Tehran to bow to Washington's demands on its nuclear program... Iran says it supplies China with 14% of its oil and recently announced that it was signing a $1.3-billion deal for two methanol plants with the Danish firm Haldor Topsoe and a $260-million deal for a tire factory with Italy's Maire Tecnimont.


US economy is hurting the sanctions more

by verytass on

It looks like China is the biggest winner of the Israeli-lobby pressured sanctions against Iran. China is taking advantage of US' weak economy to sign energy contracts, knowing well that US can not retaliate against its largest creditor, or risk not funding the recovery plan. This is great for China, they not only have an unfair labor advantage against US, but they'll soon have an unfair energy advantage as well. Sounds more like US is sanctioning itself from lucrative contracts and access to energy than sanctioning Iran.



AIPAC are traitors

by King David (not verified) on

That means china will veto future sanctions in UN against iran


Damn China is taking advatage of US sanctions!Why Iran isn't

by gol-dust on

able to do it herself? I forgot, damn AIPAC sanctions! Notice that Iran signed the contract with the communist china in less than 48 hrs after US renewed the sanctions! Well, I guess the Change is here! Israel lobby is of course behind this.

US is trying to have a leverage against Iran when they start the negotiations after the june elections. Not very smart! people are not going to dump Mahmood because of the sanctions. they make sure he stays in power, since they know US is trying to install a puppet government through frustrated Iranians suffering under economic problems! That's only a wishful thinking for Natanyahoo and AIPAC! Dream on boys!