Analysis: Khatami withdrawal should help avoid split of moderate votes
The Jerusalem Post / Meir Javedanfar
19-Mar-2009 (one comment)

With 87 days to go before Iran's presidential elections, the air is already thick with excitement. Usually, big events happen within a month before elections. But this time, we are witnessing them almost three months prior to the big day. This is mainly due to the added importance of these elections, owing to Iran's current controversial president, and the fact that he will likely run again. One of the first major developments was the candidacy of the former president, Mohammad Khatami. He kept his supporters waiting and guessing for months before he ultimately confirmed his participation.

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Farhad Kashani

I don't understand how

by Farhad Kashani on

I don't understand how these people can claim there is an "election" under IRI, a regime that has an un-elected, selected for life clergy as the head of state and a system that practically has no party activity and no partisan identification?

The audacity is endless!