Poll: U.S. Jews split on waging war against nuclear Iran
Haaretz / Natasha Mozgovaya
23-Mar-2009 (3 comments)

The poll also showed that 60 percent of U.S. Jews oppose settlement expansion in the West Bank while 40 percent are in favor. Among Orthodox Jews, 80 percent support more building in the settlements. Among Jews who donate to political campaigns, 72 percent oppose settlement expansion.

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Typo in super title...?

by sima93 (not verified) on

I think you meant NOT, not NO.



Stop war

by nader khan (not verified) on

60 years of distruction .
Plz give Texas to Israel to stop the killings
peace / shalom



by Anonymous Jew (not verified) on

Of course, this should not be surprising. The majority of American Jews are assimilated and ignorant about their own religion. 77 percent of them voted for Hussein Obama. Within a generation, most of them will be intermarried and disappear into the American milleu. Meanwhile, the Jews of Israel and the religious Jews will continue into the future.