Iran's rival football clubs plan to meet on US soil
The Gaurdian / Robert Tait
24-Mar-2009 (4 comments)

For decades it has been a source of bitter rivalry among Iran's vast army of football fanatics. Now the Persepolis v Esteghlal Tehran derby, often a scene of crowd violence and angry on-pitch confrontations, is to be transformed into a tool of football diplomacy thanks to plans to stage the match on US soil. Iran's two biggest clubs are understood to be planning simultaneous American tours culminating in a fixture between them. The plan was disclosed by the Persepolis manager, Abbas Ansarifard, who said his club had sought permission from the Iranian foreign ministry.

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Majid Jan

by KB on

I left Iran in 1976 (I was 12) so this is all I remember from those days and I am sure there are people who remember much better chats/anthems than me.

I am a "longi" fan so the first one has to be:

SHISHTAEEYAH... ref 6-0 beating of Taj by Persepolis circa 1973?..

Harchee Derakhteh Khiseh to XXXXXX Persepoliseh

Harchee Derakhteh Yaseh to XXXXXX teameh Passeh

Persepolis Hich Gohee nis

There were a couple of good chats against Malavan which I can not remember and one good one against Jabbari the Taj captain.

Just writing this brings back so many memories of the days we used to go to Amjadieh and Aryamehr Stadium. It really was two tribes going to war...






Shir e samaavar........

by Majid on

Chants and cheers are gonna be interesting.....LOL

Jaa ye Mammad booghi khaali.

I can't wait..........:-)


KB.....Please write down chants you do remember, would you?


Kaveh Nouraee

And after the match

by Kaveh Nouraee on

the IRI is going to demand an apology.


Harchi derakhteh kaajeh...

by KB on

Taj(Esteghlal) Vs Persepolis