In the Diaspora: Suspended agitation
The Jerusalem Post / Samuel Freedman
25-Mar-2009 (one comment)

In the wake
of the recent Israeli elections, the formation of a right-wing
coalition with the polarizing Avigdor Lieberman as foreign minister
cannot help but frustrate many American Zionists in their desire to
plead Israel's cause.


We're talking about divestment a la South Africa

by Ostaad on

The British Academics have had a semi-official boycott of Israel for some time now, also the British government canceled a construction contract with a company that was involved in construction projects in the West Bank illegal settlements. The demand for boycotting Israel and its products, especailly the ones produced by the West Bank illegal settler terrorists, is growing all over the world. Samuel Freedman's artilce is a real eye opnener and an excellent news.

Israel is reaping what it has sown for a long time and now is the payback time because Isrealis never missed an opportunity to create enemies.