Medvedev: No nuclear trade-off with US
The Jerusalem Post - AP
29-Mar-2009 (one comment)

"But the point is that this should be done through
common efforts rather than by deploying any missiles or radars along
our borders when a real doubt arises as to what lies behind all this.
Is it done to make us nervous, or in order to really prevent some
threats?" he said.


The plot thickens

by Ostaad on

Last time I checked Russia lagged behind Iran's Western European trade partners in regard to trade volume. How could anyone accept that canard that Iran will attack its major trade partners the moment it puts its first "bomb" together?!!! Iran is not well known for shooting itself in the foot, and that's why both the US and NATO have realized Iran can contribute to peace and stability in the region.

The only country which benefits from conflict and war is Israel. The election of an unstable and unsustainable ultra right wing government there has forced the West to think of Iran as the only major player. The "New Middle East" which will consist of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria will be either a very dangerous place for Israel, or a very good place depending on whether Israel chooses war instead of peace.