A failure foretold
Haaretz Editorial
01-Apr-2009 (one comment)

When coalition considerations are the only criterion
for forming a government, the outcome is a finance minister with no
qualifications in economics, a foreign minister liable to be shunned
abroad, a defense minister who has failed at the job, an education
minister with no experience in education, a Health Ministry without a
minister and a long list of ridiculous ministers and useless ministries.


The bums won't last long

by Ostaad on

Natanyaboo dazzles the Republicans in the US by his free market initiatives. This time with Israel's economy on teetering and having a bout of serious hickups, he'll be laughed out of the room if even mentions "free markets". This guy is so yesterday. That's why his saber rattling will backfire on him and his "Nazi-like" FM very soon.