Q&A With the Head of Iran's New America's Desk
The Wall Street Journal / Farnaz Fassihi
02-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

"The standoff over our nuclear energy program is un-resolvable. Because no country is willing to forgo its own national interest and Iran is not an exception. It's not our problem if Western countries don't trust us, they can't dictate to us what to do and we won't listen.Tell me, does a sovereign country need to ask permission from another state to run its internal affairs.?The Iran that I know will never, ever, recognize Israel nor have relations with it."

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anonymous fish

thanks fred

by anonymous fish on

i didn't see the whole interview before so i'm glad they, the WSJ, published it again in their april 1st article.  i'm not sure about naswers but the answers were extremely valuable.  nothing has changed from iran's point of view whatsoever.  with the iri in charge, iran continues to pose a threat to the US.  i only hope that the rhetoric claiming "peaceful intentions" is true.  it's hard to believe that the "people" of iran are the ones in charge of chanting "death to america".  but these guys would know... :-)


Thanks Fred, although OLD

by Jaleho on

content, but GREAT answers! Bravo to the clarity and wisdom of the Iran desk ;-)

You and Mr. Murdoch probably look at this with a bit of wishful thinking on how people would interpret it, with an eye on old US Israeli-centric policies. All of that are changing gradually, and many people will find these direct naswers as valuable as I found them.

khaleh mosheh

Old Interview

by khaleh mosheh on

This interview was done In December. So why publish it now?

Clearly another attempt to manipulate the public opinion.