The Nuclear Illusionist
The Wall Street Journal
07-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

Mr. Obama is a brilliant talker, and his words thrilled a Europe that wants to believe he can conjure peace and a nuclear-free world. But note well how little the Europeans answered the President's call for more troops in Afghanistan, much less any help in stopping a nuclear Iran. Mr. Obama is offering pleasant illusions, while mullahs and other rogues plot explosive reality.

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I salute Obama

by Ostaad on

even more if he insulted that idiot from Missura. Like you, I don't think Obama's rational and humane stance had anything to do with Truman, who was a war criminal for approving dropping the atomic bombs on two cities. Too bad he was not in the docks in Nuremberg with the other war criminals.

But to answer your question, yes WSJ never saw bloodshed and carnage in the ME that it did not like, period. For proof, look who owns that rag. Does Rupert Mordoch rign a bell?

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

this is probably isn't the main point but it's sticking in my craw a little.  i don't think of obama's comment about having a moral responsibility as an insult to truman AT ALL.  i think it's just that... a recognition that AS the only user of nuclear weapons, we DO have an increased responsibility.  i reject that obama is apologizing for it and i can assure you that most americans who know anything about WWII AT ALL do either.  other than that, what's the point of this?  to call for more aggressive action?