Israel Cries Wolf
New York times / Roger Cohen
09-Apr-2009 (10 comments)

What’s going on here? Israel, as it has for nearly two decades, is trying to lock in American support and avoid any disadvantageous change in the Middle Eastern balance of power, now overwhelmingly tilted in Jerusalem’s favor, by portraying Iran as a monstrous pariah state bent on imminent nuclear war.


Roger Cohen's claim for a place in history

by Disenchanted on

Roger Cohen is a columnist for New York times and a jew. That arguably gives him an unrivaled venue to shape the opinions and set the tone for discourse on different issues in America specially with regard to Israel. What makes him unique however is that he is a vocal critic of Israeli politics in middle east specially their propaganda against Iran. In a series of controversial and unprecedented articles in recent months he handily has been betraying lies and distortions propagated out of Tel Aviv with regard to Iran's intentions and capabilities.
     This is becoming a chronic pain for Bibi Netanyahu (Israel's new PM). I would not be surprised to hear Bibi kicks the office furniture each day that another one of Cohen's articles shows up in NYTIMES!! :-)



Why not in the print edition?!

by Sam7 (not verified) on

It is interesting to note that this article never appeared in the print edition of the New York Times!

iraj khan

it should read this way: Zionists controling atomic bombs...

by iraj khan on


“You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying".

Lets deconstruct these words:
1. Zionists are a messianic apocolyptic cult
2. Israel has between 200 to 400 atomic bombs
3. The wide-eyed believer is Nathanyahu elected by Jewish population of Palestine. Look at his face and eyes. Who is wide eye now?
4. The entire world should worry about the Israel and its leaders

"The chosen ones" have voted a racist hate-monger as their leader, who is the guilty party here?
I thank Mr Cohen, I learned one or two things reading his article. Thanks for posting


طفلک فرد ;)

Mehrnaz (not verified)

Great article!


Hats off to The NY Times

by KB on

Excellent article and have to say hats off to The NY Times for continuing to publish Cohen's artiles.



Excellent article

by Mazdak (not verified) on

The usual propoganda garbage from the resident Likudnic on this site aside, this is an excellent article. Regardless of what one thinks of the Mullahs, Cohen has laid out the facts. The Israelis "sky is about to fall" rehtoric is really shop worn and thread bare. I suspect it's mostly for domestic consumption and of course a pressure tactic on Obama to modulate his policy, no different than the Mullahs in Tehran. Netenyahu doesn't want peace with the Arabs. Right now the best way to muddy the water is to get on this "Iranians are the new Nazis" bandwagon, and as a number of people have pointed out, including Trita Parsi, Israel is weary of losing its ME superpower status. What the moajority of Israeli body politic is afraid of is change in the status quo, they're very comfortable with the way things are: embattled Israel forever sorrounded by mortal enemies, American foriegn aid year in year out, and the Palestinians in refugee camps for another century. They're still fighting the Babylonians and the Poles.



by XerXes (not verified) on

Poor Fred(rick), first his buddy Amil backs out from shame of the page, then his dreams of bombing Iran gets diminished, and finally his Bibi joon gets attacked. Must be a bad year for this poor soul.

God bless Iran


Fred, which war are you talking about?

by Ostaad on

It should be obvious even to single-cell brain war mongers like you that the US is not going to attack Iran. If you are hoping your Yabu idol to do it to make you happy, here's some disappointing news for you: it's not gonna happen because he has too many economic problems to deal with. Plus the racist pig he chose as his PM is going to cause the collapse of this government. So you are left with nothing to do but hoping that somehow someone will attack Iran so you could celebrate. How pathetic.

BTW, why don't you drag your arse to Iran and try to "empower" the "nation" to "do the job"? Shouldn't the unapologist non-appeasers like you help the Iranian people? If not you then who?


Great article

by IRANdokht on

I was impressed by Cohen, referencing Dr Parsi's book too. 

Thanks for posting



Clueless Roger strikes again

by Fred on

Congratulation is in order for NIAC lobby’s recruitment of the clueless Roger. 

Three weeks of Islamist government controlled stay in Iran have given clueless Roger such unusual insight into the souls of the Islamists that according to him their actions and words are not to be taken on face value.  Should there be a war it is partly on the head of these apologist appeasers.

Before it is too late the Iranian nation needs to be empowered with material and moral support to do the job that one way or other needs to be done.