One Islamic Identity, Two Distinct Paths
The New York Times / Nassrin Azimi
10-Apr-2009 (one comment)

Today, only 2.8 percent of Iran’s parliamentarians are women, compared to Turkey’s 9.1 percent. Meanwhile the talents and potential of Iranian women, who make up 65 percent of all university students, are being wasted in countering edicts on the size of their veils or the length of their Islamic uniforms.

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Don't worry, our time will come! It's all about religion, stupid

by gol-dust on

I disagree the story's historical aspects. Turkey was never a great civilization! It was a barbarian civilization who raped all other civilizations! They learned from the people they conqured and they are still the same temeremental people not as civilized as Iranians!

Look at how they treat the Kord! What improvement? It is only a political front not a cultural shift! Even if it were, they still are 4000 years behind the persians!

The Mollahs don't last for ever. We shall overcome!