Obama’s Existential Challenge to Ahmadinejad
Washington Quarterly / Abbas Milani
17-Apr-2009 (4 comments)

Barak is Arabic for Grace of God, and Hussein conjures the most important Imam of Shi‘ism, the dominant branch of Islam in Iran, and its ultimate martyr. Obama’s multi-racial, multi-cultural roots also defy the regime’s stereotypical description of the United States as an incorrigible land of racism and inequity. Long before the November election, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated with his customary certitude that ‘‘they’’ will not allow a black man like Obama to become the president of the United States

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The rumor of IRI demise

by Anonymous Reader (not verified) on

Clearly, this essay was written a long time ago – probably in the late 2008. While it is full of the usual rumors and innuendos of the post-election period, it lacks any reference to anything that has transpired in the past three or four months.

While its content may be pleasing for those who have been waiting hopelessly for more than thirty years for the impending fall of the IRI, it fails to offer any realistic assessment of the forces that are aligned against the IRI – from the neo-con regime changers to the kid-in-the-candy-store democratic movement.

Granted, it was written for The Washington Quarterly. But, don’t we deserve better?


wow, thank you Fred. This is

by sickofiri (not verified) on

wow, thank you Fred. This is the most honest and unbiased analysis I have ever read. It should be featured.

David ET

Interesting article

by David ET on

So much to add but dont have the time now.

Thanks Fred. 


An excellent article

by KB on

Great analysis of the current Iranian political climate.

I do not know why Milani gets such a hard time from the various camps. He is spot on on his suggestions of how to deal with the regime and his views of the Iranian political system.