An Israeli Surprise for Obama?
The Washington Post / Jim Hoagland
25-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

"The Israelis who have to decide this thing will find these arguments very familiar," said a former ambassador to Israel from a developing country. "They are precisely the arguments used in 1981 to say Israel could not and should not disable Saddam Hussein's nuclear reactor in Iraq before that happened. They are arguments that could have been used against striking the North Korean reactor in Syria last year. And yet, it did not turn out that way at all in either case."

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Israel needs to be cut off from US funds

by 1L (not verified) on

If they cross us and directly counter our national interests then they should no longer be allowed to feed on the US budget.


I hope they do it

by Jesse (not verified) on

then we can finally have enough support to cut off Israel's foreign aid package, toss it out on its ass once and for all. American taxpayers tired of paying for Israel's warmongery.