More Dems call for tough Iran sanctions
Politico / David Cloud
27-Apr-2009 (2 comments)

“I don’t think there’s anything inconsistent about moving on both fronts — maximum sanctions and maximum negotiations,” said Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade. “AIPAC strongly supports congressional measures to create the leverage we need for continuing diplomatic engagement to have a chance to work,” said Josh Block, a spokesman for the organization.

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US has sanctioned irself to death!

by Jaleho on

Even Bush and Cheney admitted that! It is not for lack if trying, US has tried to impose all kinds of sanctions, aggression, and threats against Iran for 30 years. The policy failed and US could not do shit about Iran's progress in missile technology, nuclear and space technology. So, Obama is trying to find an aletrnative reasonable policy that might help the US, rather than depriving US companies from tremendous benefits that Iran can offer. 

The AIPAC advice to impose more gasoline related sanctions on Iran, will hopefully help Iran improve its natural gas run cars in Iran! The talk of it started the fantastic idea in Iran, and any new gasoline sanctions will make Iran a true pioneer in the area. I'd say, bring it on!! 


anti-Americanism AIPAC derailing Obama

by verytass on

This is another canard by the spy agency and an anti-America agency called, AIPAC, to derail Obama!
Iran-US relationship will greatly benefit us in America in helping to solve both Afghan and Iraq problem. Obama knows that.
However, the traitorous AIPAC and their treasonous members and supporters will do everything to derail it.
From stealing the Nuclear bomb secret and selling it to Russians, to core Intelligence process that Pollard gave to Israel to sell to Russian, to the Recent spying by AIPAC, and countless more stuff. The Jewish supremacist have done the most damage to security and stability of this great country to date!