Egypt and Lieberman… and Iran!
Al-Hayat / Mohammad Salah
29-Apr-2009 (one comment)

If ... Lieberman exits the Cabinet, Cairo
will have achieved a victory that will be taken into consideration and
credited with, not only in relation to dealing with Israel, but, more
importantly, at the popular level in Egypt, as well as in the
confrontation with Iran… and its allies

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Why should Mubarak be desperate for credibility?

by ??? (not verified) on

Mubarak is a Sunni Muslim Arab autocratic leader of the largest most populated Arab country in the Arab world, NATURALLY already a leading country among all other Sunni Muslim Arab countries run by autocratic leaders. In spite of all their differnces, those guys somehow manage to get along because their common denominator is their being Arab Sunni muslim autocrats. At the end of the day, even Hamas and Hizbullah leaders have more in common with them than with Mullah ruelrs of Iran.

So why should Mubarak be desperate for credibility? credibility and recognition by whom? by Iranian mullahs?

It is Iran's MINORITY Persian Shiite muslim rulers who are desperate for recognition and credibility and that is why they constantly keep sticking their noses into the affairs of MAJORITY Arab Sunni Muslim world, all at the expense and detriment of both Arab and Iranian people.