Iran: Official Says Reporter Isn’t Fasting
The New York Times
29-Apr-2009 (6 comments)

The judge in the case, Hasan Haddad, who is also deputy prosecutor for security issues, called the hunger strike claim a ploy “for propaganda purposes,” according to the semiofficial ISNA news agency. Ms. Saberi’s father, Reza Saberi, said Tuesday that his daughter was continuing to refuse all food except sweetened water.

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by 1 hamvatan (not verified) on

HELLO?? Anybody there?? who is this verytass? Where did these idiots come from?? REZA SABERI IS JEWISH?

Now I am sure, Iran is going down the tube. With intelligent people like verytass there is new meaning for idiots is now born.

Abarmard please, use your head.

REZA is Moslem name. Just in case you didn't know.

God really save us now.


Dear Abarmard

by amirieh (not verified) on

Are you saying that you believe the garbage posted by verytass?

Are you saying that Saberi is a Jew? Her father "reza" is a jew?

Are you saying that saberi is a Mossad agent?

Did you see the source Verytass used?

Are you saying that what verytass is the "truth"


to Abarmard: couldn't have said it better about yourself

by Speak for yourself (not verified) on

"people only see and hear what they like and not the truth." I replace the word "like" with their personal agenda and self-interests specially among the hundreds of aliases all in love with the Islamic Republic on this Website.



by Abarmard on

Thanks but people only see and hear what they like and not the truth.


Another interesting report

by verytass on


They call it "Taqiah"

by LOL (not verified) on

We all know that their leader "Imam" Khomeini made it fashionable and trendy in 1979 to lie through your teeth with a smile on your face yet call yourself a devout muslim ...