US allies in 'rivalry' with Iran
Al Jazeera / Vali Nasr interview
30-Apr-2009 (3 comments)

Iran threatens different countries in different ways. Countries around the Gulf rim fear Iranian hegemony. They fear Iran will dictate terms to them or may encourage their Shia populations into rebellion. In the Levant, Egypt and Jordan do not fear direct exercise of Iranian power, but are worried about the implications of Iranian interference in issues that they have traditionally held control over, such as the Palestinian issue or Lebanon.Israel fears a nuclear Iran, not only because Iran may actually use a nuclear weapon against Israel, but also because it will change the balance of military and political power in the region.

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back ground !on Dr Nasr and His father!

by Leopersica (not verified) on

He is Iranian,He is the most credible scholar on sectarianism of Islam and is the sun of Dr Nasr a professor of Islamic philosophy in george washington university father and son both have PHD's from MIT and Vali's Book on Shiite revival is the best book ever written on this matter.he is the source of policy change towards Iran!I wish all the best for him!you read his book and As an Iranian you will surely wish the same for him!


He is an American citizen&works for US Gov. not Iranian citizen!

by gol-dust on

I have no opinon of him, and I am not in his heart. If he hates Iranian Government, but loves Iran and wishes well for future of Iran without trying to bring the masters back in charge of Iran, then it's ok. Who knows! He never smiles anyway!


Now what kind of Iranian

by XerXes (not verified) on

With a clear mind starts a propaganda paper in Aljazeera against the Irania people? That person is a traitor and should be punished the worse kind. End of story.