A Convenient Enemy in Iran
spiegel online / Norman Birnbaum
03-May-2009 (2 comments)

At the same time, you could also describe the American obsession with Iran as a job-creation mechanism -- for diplomats, intelligence agents, military officers, commentators, politicians and experts. All can find commissions, contracts, jobs, promotion and publicity in one of Washington's basic industries -- the production of enemies and the construction of threats.

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The Euro-lemmings...

by Ostaad on

These guys got caught in GW's inept policies in dealing with Iran, and later in the "game" they were hung out to dry by GW's policy vicissitudes about Iran. Iran responded to the EU 5 positively and suspended its legal nuclear program. But once it was obvious that the EU 5 could not "deliver" the US, Iran correctly realized it could not rely on these "lemmings" to guarantee the US would not attack Iran militarily.

Then the well known NIE came out and the ground under the neo-con war mongers and their Zionist co-conspirators became hollow. Reading the Israel media at that time was reading the obituaries. Doom and gloom and a lot of disappointment that the war option was off the table despite hearing the mantra of "the military option is on the table" form GW's administration and the present one, only in more hushed tones and less repeately. Israel was let down by a sugar daddy who felt what Israel needs the most is adult supervison!  The rest is history, kahleh.

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

'What distinguishes a lemming from a head of government in Western Europe? The lemming has its own habits and habitat, and is not inclined to follow the makers of American foreign policy over the cliff of confrontation with Iran'.