The AIPAC Case in Washington, Iraq, and Beyond
The Huffinton Post / David Brownwich
04-May-2009 (2 comments)

Israel withdrew from its devastating assault on Gaza only hours before the inauguration of Barack Obama. The administration has let off the AIPAC lobbyists in time to be considered as sentimental encouragers and not spoilers of the mutual uplift that marks the annual AIPAC gathering.


The spies that got a free pass

by Ostaad on

Israel said, we'll stopped massacring the civilians in Gaza before killing every man, woman and child. So you should drop charges against our AIPAC spies, OK?

Obama said, okie dokie.



Whole AIPAC that controls US Congress should be put on trial!

by gol-dust on

They control the president too. of course not as much and that's the reason they have ameeting next week against Iran!