Crossing a Line
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04-May-2009 (4 comments)

At issue is an e-mail message that Robinson sent to the approximately 80 students in January in a course about sociology and globalization. The e-mail contained an an article criticizing the Israeli military's actions in Gaza. Part of the e-mail was an assemblage of photos from Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews and from Israel's actions in Gaza. Students were invited to look at the "parallel images." A message from Robinson argued that Gaza would be like "Israel's Warsaw."


on academic Freedom

by Poirot on

I have tried to think of a short comment the only thing that comes to mind is are you F-ing



anonymous fish

lovin it

by anonymous fish on

yeah. you're right.  anti-semitic has about as much relative meaning as zionist these days.  or terrorist.  or murderer.  or racist.

it's a common fallacy on that ANYONE who criticizes ANYTHING is called something by the various cliques.  critical of iran?  you're a racist.  critical of israel?  you're anti-semitic. 

this isn't new with robinson.  he's been controversial for a long time.  it's not just two jewish students who oppose his... hmmm... approach.  there is a big difference between being critical of israel and what he did in his professional capacity. 



Israel criticism is becoming more and more OK

by Lovin it (not verified) on

Although AIPAC, the spy agency is working very hard to make it illegal to criticize Israel Nazis, it is becoming harder and harder to do so. Even decent Jewish people are speaking out against them. They have this made-up crime called "anti-semite" that they throw at anyone who criticizes the crimes of Israel in an attempt to shut him up. The phrase has no real meaning anymore. Apparently it means that anybody who criticizes Israeli crimes is insulting ALL Jewish people around the world! What a load! I am very happy to see people are waking up, finally.


Poirot, what happened...

by Ostaad on

facing the reality of right wing extremist Zionists' war crimes evidence, made your fingers to pound on the Enter key uncontrollably?!!! Extremist Zionists are Jewish Nazis, didn't you know that?!

Look buddy, take it easy I'm sure there's a cure for your condition.