Poll: 66% of Israeli Jews back attack on Iran
Haaretz (and other Israeli media) / Aluf Benn
04-May-2009 (27 comments)

A large majority of Israeli Jews support military action aimed at destroying Iran's nuclear facilities, according to a survey sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. According to the poll, co-sponsored by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University, a large majority of those who support a move by the army said they would maintain their support even if the Obama administration opposed it


The "chosen" have spoken

by Ostaad on

This will last until the Obama administration witholds one them checks sent to Israel courtesy of the impoverished American taxpayers.

ADL sure knows how things work over here.


Farhad Kashani

Ostaad,   You’re

by Farhad Kashani on



You’re contradicting yourself.


1-     Only Iran is asking for the annihilation of Israel, no one else in the world is savage enough to say that. In S Africa’s case, most of the world was united.

2-     As matter of fact, as I’ve said many times, IRI regime is S African regime on steroids, and needs to be treated as an Islamic Apartheid regime, and the world needs to treat the IRI regime as such. That’s the only realistic alternative to a devastating war on our country, because IRI will never stop causing chaos and promoting fundamentalism and terrorism in the world, so, it’s the world that needs to change its tactics.

3-     The world asked for a change in S African government, not the annihilation of the country of S Africa. IRI is asking for the annihilation of the country of Israel. IRI has never stated what its position going to be if Israel gives back all Arab lands since it has said Israel needs to be removed, period. That’s just shows the extent of their brutality and ignorance. They are very smarter when it comes to oppressing their people and promoting chaos around the world, but for constructive things, they’re the worst of the worst.

4-     The problem with people like you is you deny things that IRI itself doesn’t deny!! Khamenei and Khaled Mashal have repeatedly said that IRI has created them one way or another, that could be ideologically, inspirationally, organizationally, financially,,,,now you come out and deny that. And the argument that “Zio Nazis” (the imaginary people in you guys’ minds) created Hamas is comical. Yeah, Israel created hamas to bomb it’s cities and commit suicide bombings killing its people!!!! Do you have any idea how absurd that sounds??? But I guess everything in the world is an “American conspiracy” isn’t it? your buddy the other day posted something on here from some Lefty loony website saying that “Facebook is a CIA conspiracy”!! That being said, I’m glad that you support IRI’s ties with Hamas. Make sure that you tell the families of Iranians who will lose their loved ones under Israeli bombs that you, as an Iranians, supported innocent Iranians dying for IRIs irrational hatred towards a country that has done nothing to us, and that you support innocent Iranians dying for Ghaza and Golan Heights, which are not part of Iran, to be freed, and you were OK with Fundamentalist IRI creating fundamentalist prototypes who openly claim “Palestinian cause is secondary in importance to them compare to their involvement in creation of an United Islamic Caliphate” (Read Hamas’ charter).

5-     Yes, you do not need to tell me, your beloved IRI is master in falsely arresting and imprisoning all Iranians from all walks of life, Shite, Sunni, Armenian, Zoroastrian, Jews, and off course, the Holocaust against the Bauhaus. What’s really amazing is you guys ignoring those arrests and staying silent about them all the time as if it never happened? You guys yell about Guantanamo, but stay silent about the hundreds, if not thousands of way-worse-than-Guntanamos in Iran.

6-     I don’t think calling Holocaust a myth should be a crime, I just think it’s stupid and unnecessary. There have been many Holocausts throughout the history. The Holocaust against the Bahais in Iran since 1979 is one of them. And sure, some extreme Jews have used it to victimize themselves, but IRI has a totally different agenda in mind.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

OK, of the 3 bozos you mention I would say that the monkey would, because he's delusional, and thinks that 72 virgins are waiting for him.

Bozo He's a YoYo....I think he's all a bunch of hot air. He is truly in love with the sound of his own voice. But he strikes me as the kind of guy who if push came to shove, he'll jeesh all over himself and cry for his mommy first.

Lieberman....don't know so much about that one. I'll get back to you on that one.

And remember....the word of the day is "fiber".   :-)


Kaveh, I'm NOT talking about the people here, homie

by Ostaad on

I said the characters that Hajminator mentioned BY NAME, sure DO want war, and I stand by that statement. Here's the list of the "usual war monger" just to make sure that I have left the "people" out of it:


Avidgor Lieberman


and a many other individuals who are not directly related to the subject at hand.

I'm glad in your case all systems are go.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Are you suggesting that everyone wants war?

Are you suggesting that you cannot differentiate between rhetoric and actual violence?

If people actually wanted war, anywhere in the world, then this entire planet would be in a constant state of combat.

No, people, by nature, do not want war. They wish to live in peace and quiet. Are there exceptions to the rule? Sure, There are always a few assholes who get their rocks off by seeing everything burn around them. Some of them are even in Iran.

If this constitutes a brain fart, well, that's fine with me. It just shows that all systems are working as they should, and that I'm not suffering from any irregularities.

I prefer brain farts over brain constipation any day.


Farhad Kashani,

by Ostaad on

My "beloved regime" should have never threatened the existence of Israel, but Iran has every right to threaten and work hard to eradicate your favorite Apartheid regime in the same manner the world eliminated S. African Apartheid. 

My "beloved fascist regime" did not create Hamas, but your beloved ZioNazis helped its creation as a counter-balance to the secular PLO. Iran HELPED to form and trained the Hezbollah to fight to kick out the Zionist invaders, who had occupied South Lebanon to steal fertile land from the Lebanese farmers and water from the Litani river.  I applaud Iran for playing such an important role in defeating your favorite racists and jack booted Zionists.

Iran did not arrest only Jews for spying but several Moslems were arrested with them too - unfortunately it has become a sick habit with the Zionistas to ignore non-Jews when it comes to victimhood in the same manner that the "Holocaust" has been trade marked as an exclusively JEWISH tragedy. Hitler's other victims were apparently not "chosen" enough to make the list.

Lastly, calling the Holocaust is a myth is not a crime. Sure the Holocaust happened, no doubt about that, but making denying it a crime is an direct assault on freedom of speech and and crime by itself.



by Ostaad on

When you say not even the people that Hajminator had in my opinion correctly identified as war mongers "realistically" hope for war, are you basing it on personal first-hand knowledge, or you're just letting out some brain farts?


The oppressed becomes the oppressor

by Bavafa on

They have proven to have learned very well from their oppressors (the Nazis) and have been applying those tactics to others. Of course, this would have never been possible if it wasn't for the backing and full support of the west which time and time has proven they have no regards for the justice and righteousness. When it serves their interest, they are happy to look the other way.




by Hajminator on

It's true that so much unlikely wars have destroyed so much innocent lives. I hope that 66% of the chosen just miss to see some toop-o-tofangue in the TV. One should realize another war-film in Holloywood so that these people could ejaculate in their sofa by seeing more blood and beheaded humans.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Realistically, no one hopes for war. Any war.

Not even any of the people you have mentioned.

I made the observation because there are those who do not realize that war is extremely unlikely.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

pardon me.  i was being ultra sarcastic. :-)  mehdi knows that i know that he knows that he doesn't want war.  and of course, neither do i. 

but damn if you're not right about the US and it's cluster fuck attempts at surgical strikes.  aziz has said it time and time again... if only we had done it right the first time...lol.

kaveh.  i'm glad YOU said it.  i would, of course, have been called every bad name in the book.  but really... who IS going to profit from such a war?  it sure ain't the US... or israel... or iranians. 



by Hajminator on

No one hopes a useless war!!
except Libermann, Netanyaboo, Mahmoud + some other zouaves and traitors who think they will get Iran back from mullahs.

Kaveh Nouraee

It's as though the apologists are

by Kaveh Nouraee on

actually HOPING for Israel to strike Iran.

And for what? Hatred of Jewish people?

A distorted sense of national pride?

Not wanting to appear as "an enemy of the Islamic Republic" to the myriad spies and informers they say have infiltrated Iranian.com, using unregistered screennames?

A combination of all of the above?

It's laughable (almost). Actually, it's sad. And pathetic.

It's also typically Iranian. Only in our culture can we have this phenomenon that can accurately be described as "hateful pacificism".


Anonymous fish

by Hajminator on

The US tried to do surgical wars in different parts of the planet and look where you are years after this clever move either in Iraq or Afghanistan.

One can't just please him/her self by advocating what s/he can't bear. It's just not because you say that you wanna a war that you'll win it.

A war in Iran will first be devastating for people living in ME (Muslims and JEWS included) and also for the countries which can not simply hold it. If you want some demonstrations of how/why I'll be glad to give them to you.

On this site, unless some empty heads and traitors I didn't read from a single person something in support of a war. Further, Aqha Mazloom is saying that he's against war I don't understand who are you trying to convince ?

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

that's what i thought.  i just wanted to actually SEE it... you know?  something in writing to contradict the same-ole same-ole defense of the IRI.  something to actually give weight to those who like to promote a litte hate and discontent based on their own baseless and worthless defense of a regime which has perpetrated more atrocities AGAINST IT'S OWN PEOPLE then israel EVER COULD.  just a leeeeeetle something to be able to point to when those same pathetic people come back with... OH MY GOD... verbal insults...LOL.  when one can't say something relevant, just repeat the same old mantra... it's the bad BAD jews!  let's just make up some more propagandist bullshit and blame it on the... sssshhh... jewish conspiracy! 

swindled billions of dollars?  oh how very clever!  isn't swindling against the law?  did i miss the proof of said swindling?  thank god we have such caring people who are soooooooo concerned about the US!!!!  concerned about the US and americans?  i think NOT.  i think rather an excuse to continue said same-ole bullshit.

aren't you the lucky one to have so many concerned people deciding what you do and don't want!!!!

israel is a terrorist state... right?  but not hamas or hezbollah?  is this true?  can this possibly be the defense offered??????

i disagree with one thing. it will not only be innocent iranians paying the price.  it will be innocent americans and innocent jews.

i state this so you'll know exactly how i feel as well.  i will not support israel starting war on iran for the singular reason of preventing iran from obtaining nukes.  i'm not saying i know what the safe alternative would be to iran not attacking israel unprovoked but i can't in all good conscience say that i think that will justify an attack.  what IS interesting is that while so many people want to post blogs with polls stating israel's intent... it would be interesting to take a poll of iranians... JUST iranians here on iranian.com... to see what the division is between those supporting a surgical strike, no action whatsoever, and... an alternative.  Or.... US intervention or none whatsoever.  because while many like to determine who is or isn't a true iranian by their OWN particular brand of justice... it's for damn sure that iranians don't even agree. 

but boy do they like to collectively determine what you're thinking...:-)


Me too

by Hajminator on

I want

  • to live in a world empty of warmongers treating others as fascists ...
  • live 1000 more years
  • own an island
  • be very rich to buy Israel another land in Texas or wherever the 60% chosen want to go
  • have a mullah-free country

There is what I want and what I have, and I find this reality very unfair. Snif!


yup it's called verbal abuse

by IRANdokht on

Next time soneone throws a verbal insult at you, go ahead and shoot them!

All the courts would set you free, just tell the judges that you've been insulted and you killed them for self defense.

I am sure you'd be found innocent.


Farhad Kashani

Ostaad,   When your

by Farhad Kashani on



When your beloved regime threatens their country’s existence everyday, when your beloved Mullahs bash their country in every sentence, when your beloved Fascist regime creates Hamas and Hazbollah to fight Israel, when Khamenei’s regime has called the Holocaust a myth, when IRI arrests Jews in our country for “spying”, this at a time when Israel has done nothing to Iran, do you want the Israelis to send a thank you letter to Khamenei?


Is this arrogance, ignorance, anti Semitism, or all of the above?


This is what you get when

by Farhad Khozestani (not verified) on

1) You shout "Marg Bar Esraeel" for no reason for thirty years

2) You support terrorist and militant groups which kill Israeli Citizens and Jews around the world

3) Have Holocaust Denial Conferences and invite David Duke

4) World Without Zionism Conferences

5) Anti Zionist Art Shows

Akhoonds, and their supporters, you are put on notice:



Mehdi Mazloom

anonymous fish - answering your question

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Out of all the replies, I find yours worthy of response.

No, I wish not to see a military war, But before continuing, let me point out few issues.

You see!, the leadership in Iran is cowered and worthless on my book. Instead of stand like man and face Israel mano-to-mano and deal with directly, they hide behind pathetic groups like Hizbollah and Hamas. Let the Pals pay the price for the Mullahs grand ambitions in the region. They don't have the balls to face IDF face to face, because  they know in advance how it will end. So they resort to their famous muzzi to get what they want, and don't deserve.

The try to subvert and undermine the government of Arab countries through revolution, and bloodshed, while they talk about living in peace, harmony and respect with their neighbors. 

They sing the Dixie song of Islamic unity with the Arabs, while they sent agents to cause the  exact opposite.

Their problem is that by now, NO ONE, including the Arabs and other Muslims don't believe, nor trust these thugs in Tehran.

As an American & Israeli, I assure you that, Israel's survival, the safety of its citizen, and security is supported by 95% of the Jews worldwide. Israel for us symbolizes, the spiritual center, the revival of our 4000 year old heritage, and the fulfillment of almost 1900 year dream of return to the land of our ancestors.

Unlike Christianity and  Islam, Jews don't promot others to convert into their religion. therefore, the cohesion and continuity for us has different meaning then other religious denominations.

Yes, the Pals have been waiting for 60 years to "return" to what they call "their homes and vilalges". Jews also waited 60 years + 1800 year before that to return to their land from which they were forced out.

  As a non-Arab and non-Jewish state, Iran could have played a neutral and constructive role to bring about peace in the region. the same role which Turkey is playing. That role could have brought lot more respect, cooperation and trust to Iran, then th destructive and dangerous role which these idiots in Tehran are playing right now. 

If we ever do go down to the wire and war does break out . I can assure you Iran will be fighting everyone else. and who will end up paying the real price?, the innocent Iranian people themselves will end up losing.

In summery, the role and objectives which the akhooda are forcing on others, it simply unacceptable. they want to remove entire countries (Jordan, Israel, Lebanon) and reshape the region such  that, others do not agree , nor will accept it. THEY WILL GO TO WAR TO DEFEND THEIR TURF AGAINST THE MULLAHS, NO MATTER WHAT. 

Kaveh Nouraee

In another poll

by Kaveh Nouraee on

100% of the people surveyed said that they would support winning the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot.


Wish the same on Israel

by Abarmard on

What they wish on Iranians I wish on them.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i almost hate to ask because it will just... you know... fan the fire but i'm curious.  let's say this report is true.  would this be referring to opinions of jews living in the US or in Israel?  do you think there would be a difference between the two if a poll were taken to represent each group?  i don't believe you personally believe such an action is the right way.  (NO MORE than i believe that sentiments expressed by the opposing side are necessarily anti-semitic).  and if i interpret your position correctly to be one of a defensive measure in light of threats made by iran against israel, what IS your position towards military action against iran?  for any reason, not just from the israeli position but from a global position?  i ask because everyone else feels free to determine what you want and i don't think i've really heard you say.  do you think a surgical strike is the only way?  or even necessary?

i'd understand if you didn't answer but like i said... it would be a distinctly clear statement and i'm just curious!

peace out! 


lust for war

by capt_ayhab on

Lust for war and bloodshed is never ending for the CHOSEN ones. What else can one expect from leader such as Lieberman and Bibi?

Same people who supported the attack in Gaza by majority of some 90%+. And we are the barbarians. 




1 "chosen" life = 1000 gentiles or others life

by verytass on

Don't forget the blood and life of the "chosen" people is worth 1000 more than the rest of us. So they have the God-given birth-right (it's through their maternal gene) to be superior to rest of us and been given the "burden" to be the "chosen" people. Part of this burden means to kill millions (let's not forget the Bolsheviks and Karl Marx who were also "chosen") to steal billions from people (look at how much the have swindled from US and global banks) and still feel like they are the victims.
I guess we should not be that surprised, since their role model are people like King David, who was one conniving piece of work.

Mehdi Mazloom

guns and roses.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You know!, Besides guns, wars can also be won with  "roses". Who said that the only way to stop the  Mullahs from acquiring nuclear weapons is through military force. How about destabilizing the economy in Iran.

Now you sit back and think for a moment, and no balls, how much of depth these Mullahs failed economic policies have provided for Iran to be able to cope with current economic crises engulfing the rest of the world?.

Heck, some of you pundits write about Israel getting $2.8B "check" from US. What about getting$40B "check" from oil from the ground, from which Iran neither discovered, nor invested heavily to extract. Rather, most are pumped thanks to western technology and initial investments - Including from the dreaded Israelis (during the shah)

With oil prices are still stuck at 1/3 of the level just a year ago, where these Mullahs draw 80% of their income. How much longer these Mullahs can hold onto power before the Iranian (with help from outside) will get out and kick the akhoodah out of power.

What else Iran has to sustain itself for long, before the economy there collapses.

In reality, Iran has little nowledge based industry. No massive  and advanced design and manufacturing base. Not many friends around the globe who would want to invest in these backward Mullahs.

Come on, get real please. These akhoodah are good for one thing and one thing alone - spread their kosse sherri. Like a turkey, buff themselves to look much bigger and meaner then they are.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

they can "want" in one hand and "s_ _t" in the other.  it ain't gonna happen with US backing.  besides... what does iran "want" to do with israel?  or with the US for that matter?   :-)