Obama Abandons ‘Regime Change,’ Iran Must Respond, Kerry Says
06-May-2009 (17 comments)

“That is not the current policy of this new administration, and it is important for Iran to understand that,” Kerry said today. “Just as we abandon calls for regime change in Tehran and recognize the legitimate Iranian role in the region, Iran’s leaders need to moderate their behavior.”

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Mehdi Mazloom

shoma bozorga behtar midoonid

by Mehdi Mazloom on

These Mullahs, khar boodan, ve-khar moondan.

We aslo can say:

Har khari bi-yaad, beh-tar az in akhoondah mishe'.

It can't get any worse then that for Iran. When you have one semi-illiterate Arab-masquerading as Farse, who decides on matters of life and death in this day and age, you get an oppressed, stoned, shamed, shunned, ridiculed, subjected to incitement of hate of other people who had done nothing to harm Iran,  you get a society like the innocent Iranian people.

When 80% of the population does not support its oppressive government, it is easy to see why a country 10 times samller then Iran, has no problem taking on these backward Mullahs, and eventualy kick their rear into oblivion.


Regarding the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

by News Source (not verified) on


Mullahs will not be fooled like the Shah when ...

by Khodeshoonand (not verified) on

Carter, the farmer, told the Shah a few months before he helped topple him that under his leadership, Iran had turned into an island of stability.

They must be incredibly naive to think that even for a minute they can fool the shrewd, extremely cunning, power-hungry criminal mullahs, not with the Algerian Accord and not with a hundred other accords, guarantees and promises.


Iran should also abandon regime change in US

by Jaleho on

in the spirit of reciprocity and  mutal respect.

However, since US has tried the "regime change" for Iran for 30 years but couldn't do shit, whereas Iran didn't spend as much time and money to change the regime in the US, yet it succeeded to change it, so Iran should have the upper hand for extra demands. US better come to accept that fact.


Mr. Mazloom(!) weren't there

by shoma bozorga behtar midoonid? (not verified) on

Mr. Mazloom(!) weren't there people who said the same thing once before? ... Har khari biad behtar as shah-e?!!

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

Are you kidding?. even a regime made of monkeys will be better then these idiots in Tehran,

Beside, I want back the old glorious ghorme' sabzi 


........ softly

by Mehrban on

In my view, there is no other viable choice.  Pray for the price of oil to stay low longer. Today traded at $56 (too bad) it is inching up.

It is a war of attrition, it may work.   



by Abarmard on

Are you sure that you'll be ok with the good old persian glory;)

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Agreed, that the best solution precludes outside involvement.

Yet, that still doesn't change the fact that Kerry is a douchebag.



by Hajminator on

Who’s the doctor? When you see that despite the hard time, people inside the country prefer to bear the situation instead of having this tumor cut by the US or Israel. You understand that there ain’t any simple solution to this problem.

What’s obvious is that Iranians prefer to find this solution by their own and they even don't hope that it will come from foreign belligerents or, you, me and anyone else having fun in the west.

There was another tumor in Iraq, smart doctors did surgical strikes and look in what crap they are splashing now.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

No the solution should not worsen the case.

But we are dealing with a regime in Iran that can only be likened to a cancer. And sometimes the treatments used to fight cancer make you sicker.

There is no easy or simple answer to the issue that doesn't involve bloodshed. But to think that after 30 years they're just going to say, "OK, vee vill esstop" is just stupid.



by Hajminator on

Imagine that the mustaches of Dali you are showing us here were yours, and that they were stuck between a closed door. What would you have done? You would cut them or find a way to get them out without too much damage?

This is exactly what the apologists as you call here are confronted with. Not because they have their mustaches stuck in something BUT because there are 70 000 000 souls living in Iran and who are suffering every day, so the solution to their problems shouldn’t worsen their case. It’s simple to understand no?

Kaveh Nouraee

John Kerry

by Kaveh Nouraee on

is dumber than a box of rocks and is about as sharp as a bowling ball.

What is the "legitimate Iranian role" in the region? Financing and other support for Hamas and Hezbollah? Financing insurgent groups in Iraq? Oppression and persecution of Baha'is and Jews? Hanging people for crimes they may or may not have committed as children?

Oh yeah. That's legitimate. Legitimately f**ked up.

Now, now, now you apologists. I'm not suggesting that the U.S. go back to the old rhetoric of military action, so cool off. What I am suggesting is that the Herman Munster of Capitol Hill should stop talking this nonsense. He's an embarassment. A supposedly educated man like him should know better than to think even for a second that the regime in Tehran is going to change their behavior in any way shape or form.

These people were born lowlifes, they still are lowlifes, and will remain lowlifes until the day they die, which will never come soon enough.


Once is enough

by Hajminator on

In comparison, imagine that Mahmoud would have said "We are not looking for a regime change in Israel, Arabia or Egypt". I'm wondering what Fred would choose as super-title for giving us the News in such case. Han Fred?

The pity is that (super)-powers don't seem to learn by their mistakes! They replaced the Shah by Khomeini and started a war to weaken Iran and now nobody can deal with mullahs!

The solution of a democratic Iran will come from inside by people living in the country. That should not be so hard to understand for people who really want that Iran plays its role in ME and the world.


Zionism and Islamism

by Ostaad on

are two sides of the same coin. They BOTH need to be eradicated in order for the ME, and the World, to see peace.  We need regime change in Iran and Israel ASAP.

Mehdi Mazloom

Abandon regime change????

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Now, we all know that only regime change in Iran will bring peace in the ME.

If you ask me, regime change is EXACTLY what the west is planning for the  Akhoonda. Their removal will bring sigh of relief to everyone - most of which to the Iranian themselves whom are being stoned, jailed and their basic freedom is deprived by their 7th century creatures.

Time to bring Persia back to its former glory, so Iranian can rejoin the modern civilazatioin. It is ever more clear that, fundamentalist Islam had failed. Time for change in Iran, social,  religious and economic 


anonymous fish

sounds good to me. :-)

by anonymous fish on

i'm not sure what more iran could possibly want or expect to get.