When Israel Manipulates the Iranian Nuclear Weapon
Al-Hayat / Elias Harfoush
06-May-2009 (2 comments)

According to the American administration as well - as put by the White
House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel at AIPAC conference - Washington
finds it illogical to ask the Arab world to support any
Iranian-American confrontation, even if Israel remains on the fence, as
long as the Israeli hawks hinder any prospects for a solution in the
region, reinforcing the logic of the Arab rejectionists and extremists,
most of whom are Iran's allies and depend on its support. In other
words, even if the Arabs, or some of them, have reservations over
Iran's nuclear program, it is not logical to ask them to face Iran's
program as long as the Israeli intransigence aborts any chance of a
settlement with the Palestinians.

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Mehdi Mazloom

ostaad - you too obsessed with Israel.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I thought this site is dedicated to Iranians and matter concerning Iran. Ways how to improve the lives of the Iranians living under the yoke of the the akhoodah.

Your and Capt's obsession with Israel makes me wondering. Did yu too got rebuffed by Israeli woman who turned you down for a date.

Maybe if you talk nicely to her, and instead of discuss pollow keshmesh, talk humus & falafel, then she will understand you better.

basse' diggeh. spend your time on how to improve the miserable conditions in Iran, and how to improve Iran's relationship with the rest of  the world.

Israel is not your problem, Iran is.



by capt_ayhab on

Putting the word [Israel] and [peace] in one sentence is a crime on its own. 

There is no way no how Israel will ever be able to live peacefully, since there entire existence depends wholly on war and aggression. Just look at their 60 year history and all the atrocities they have committed in the region.

If they do not use alleged nuclear arms in Iran, they will find other excuses. Their existence is based on lies and deception. Only hope is for Nation of Israel to elect a moderate and progressive leaders who genuinely want peace with other nations around the area.