Decision 2009 -- Iran's June 12 Elections
The Huffinton Post / Marc Ginsberg
09-May-2009 (9 comments)

Ultimately, a win for Ahmadinejad may augur a dangerous showdown with Washington and Jerusalem, with enormous consequences to Iran in the long run. Alternatively, a win for one of the reformers could signal a stand down from confrontation and usher in a long period of tentative engagement with the west and major reforms at home that could set the Islamic Republic on a more moderate road. The whole world is watching which of these two roads Iran's voters prefer from their Supreme Leader.

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by MiNeum71 on

Now, on the 20th anniversary of the bloody suppression of the protesters, Zhao’s memoirs — painstakingly reconstructed from hours of tape recordings smuggled out by supporters — provide a unique glimpse of the deep divisions within the Chinese leadership.

I´m sure, IRI faces the same problems. We can knock them out.



Kaveh Nouraee

This is a sham

by Kaveh Nouraee on

As long as there is an absence of choice and an absence of transparency, this can't be called an election.

The entire electoral process in Iran is built upon a foundation of corruption and deceit.


Dariush K


I live in the UK and there are voting stations in several important cities where there is a concentration of Iranians.  I don't think there are any other requirement apart from showing your Iranian passport which will be stamped.  Perhaps now that identity card is introduced, you may need to take your identity card as well, but ask your local embassy.  I will take it just in case.  I have never experienced or seen any harassment from these thugs and traitors. Do you think they dare?!  Firstly many people come and vote, and secondly, you can always, and you must, call the police


voting from abroad

by Dariush K. (not verified) on

Just out of curiosity.. do Iranians living outside Iran vote in IRI elections or is it generally frowned upon by exiles, etc.?

Does voting mean you are "collaborating" with IRI?
I heard that in US and UK on voting day people are often harrassed by MKO and Shahanshai types outside voting venues?

I live in Australia and will be voting in Iranian elections for the first time, Inshahallah.

Also I heard you just need to bring your passport and there is no special registration required?




by MiNeum71 on

While Farhad Kashani needs the laugh, I hope the rest takes a chance on these elections.


Niloufar Parsi

good analysis

by Niloufar Parsi on

Rezai's candidacy brings some hope as it splits the conservative vote and the sepah's position. fingers crossed - am a little pessimistic as it looks like Ahmadinejad has a strong chance of winning...


These upcoming elections are vital

by Hajminator on

for hoping to have one day a free Iran.

Arab countries which are extremely happy of what's happening to us with Mahmoud are heavily investilng on Ahmadinejad's campaign. Israel too, prefers Ahamadinejad to any other potential presidents seeking to normalize Iran's situation with the US.

It's then normal that JIUYS guys work for the re-election of Ahmadinejad.


very true

by Abarmard on

The article acurately pins the importance of this election. The world is watching this one closely

Farhad Kashani

I love it how these pro IRI

by Farhad Kashani on

I love it how these pro IRI individuals try to soften the image of the regime!! They use slogans used in democracies like the U.S to say that IRI has the same democratic process!! It’s comical!


They use words like “decision 2009”, as if Iranians are actually able to elect their representatives, or their government, or if they have any say in their daily life, and they say things like “Iran’s election”!! What election?? What decision? The “decision” by Khamenei to “elect” one of his stooges as his international propaganda mouthpiece (i.e “president”)!!


I needed the laugh. Thanks Ostaad!!