A spiritual journey: Connecticut Christian embraces Baha'i Religion
The Salt Lake Tribune / Peggy Fletcher Stack
09-May-2009 (one comment)

Jordan Dez had never heard of Bahais, but she was intrigued. There was no lightning moment when her husband-to-be described his faith, and he wasn't pushy about it. As they courted, though, she found herself increasingly attracted to the Persian-born faith that preaches love for all humanity and God's unfolding revelations down through the centuries. "The guiding principle is unity and that was what I already believed. It spoke to me organically without any work," Dez says now. "It felt like home to me. It was natural to my personality."

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by Ostaad on

yek kam aghl beh ou beh, va pouleh ziad be man.(May God give her a little wisdom, and a lot of money to me)