Iran moves to reduce number of executions
10-May-2009 (3 comments)

"We act according to and within the framework of our laws, especially our Islamic laws. Of course, there has been a huge development in our laws in recent years, Certain measures have been sent to parliament for approval. In particular, regarding cases involving unnecessary executions. Those laws are in the process of being changed, after the approval of Parliament and the Guardian Council. We hope to see a reduction of such sentences,"

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Kaveh Nouraee

If they don't reduce the numbers

by Kaveh Nouraee on

the IRI will have no one left to murder.


Reducing executions in process

by Taytelbaum (not verified) on

Observing from the sidelines of this planet, one can see several models of killings. But when watching more close, into the heart/ interior of a country like Iran,and see public hanging, or in isolation, you find no rational agreement with this in your own mind. Especially not in the west, if this is the place where you might be living or standing.

But culture- wise, the president knows more than anyone in the world who his people are, and how their perception of justice takes form. And I believe this is the ultimate way of true punishment, when found the agreement of one's own people's expectations. Yet still, if Iran seeks alignment with the west, reducing these 'barbaric' killings can be the one positive step and very diplomatic as well to make. I regret the situation as it is now, for my admiration for Iran is quite tall. I do agree with military executions. Since betrayal of one's country is unforgiven.



Reduce number of executions?

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

Really? Wow, did the Zions had anything to do with this? or CIA? Israel?

So, is it like, instead of 10,000 people per year, it will now be reduced to 9,998? Frankly, I am amazed at CNN to even bother to print such a lie.