Journalist Copied Iranian Report on U.S. and Iraq
The Washington Post
12-May-2009 (2 comments)

At the time, Saberi was doing occasional translations for the Web site of the Expediency Council, which is made up of clerics who mediate among the legislature, the presidency and Iran's clerical leadership concerning constitutional disputes, the lawyer said.

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If you lie down with dogs…

by Fred on

What the resident Islamist apologist misses is too numerous to count. But for starters, the Islamists want their double chocolate fudge cake, eat it and gain no calories.

 Either U.S. is “an enemy nation” or not. If it is then what the Islamist song and dance about U.S. acting unfriendly towards the little peaceful IRI is all about? Aren’t “enemy nation(s)” supposed to act like enemies act?  Besides, why would Islamist republic give access to its “top secret document” to would be Mata Hari, a high profile former American beauty queen at that? And if the U.S. is not “an enemy nation” why does IRI recruit its citizens and then treats them like “enemy”?

That aside, what was an American “journalist” doing working for one of the pillars of the Islamist republic?  Why no disclosure on her part? Whatever happened to professional standards?

 When are the opportunists going to learn the nature of the Islamist republic is modeled after Mafia? There are made dons who can’t be touched but their soldiers will be knocked off by rival dons. Ayatollah Montazeri’s son in-law, among others,  found that out the hard way.


Well, I'm sure Americans would have been just as generous

by Q on

Copy a top secret government document and then go to an enemy nation?

You'll never get punished for something like that in the US!