Why Iran Freed Roxana Saberi
The New York Times
12-May-2009 (one comment)

Ms. Saberi’s arrest was part of this game. Her release now shows that the belief held by the majority is the common understanding among the Iranian people.

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I wonder how much mullahs spend on favorable propaganda

by Amused (not verified) on

I know that mullahs have allocated a whole ministry with all expenses and astronomical budget fully furnished to propaganda and PR in favor of their theocracy just like Hitler's third Reich, but what amuses me is how mullahs' lackeys under various aliases run (not walk) to the regime's rescue, posting defensive comment after comment in favor of their benefactors trying to divert the attention of the unsuspecting gullible naive American and foreign readers from what is really going on in Iran.

Just read all those comments after the article. When they fall short of any sound justification for their mullahs' criminal behavior, they immediately bring up Gitmo and Iraq as part of a defense tactic! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lame!