'Hitler' up for re-election
Asia Times Online / William Wedin
13-May-2009 (3 comments)

Watch any speech or interview with Ahmadinejad and judge for yourself. Where
Hitler was fiery, Ahmadinejad is flat. Where Hitler was brilliant, Ahmadinejad
is bland. Where Hitler was strident, Ahmadinejad is soft. Where Hitler was
militant, Ahmadinejad is mousy. The only way he can be made to sound like
Hitler is by dubbing Hitler over him.

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khaleh mosheh

Yaboo is being muzzled

by khaleh mosheh on

Interesting that big Hossein is trying to control the rabid beast by dipatching a handler.

Mehdi Mazloom

Wedin should be a brian surgent

by Mehdi Mazloom on

well well well. With his type of surgical analysis, this gentleman's essay is more about surgical presentation then, an outright facts about the illegitimate rulers in Iran.

To begin with. While he paraphrases the Akhmage'nejad as "Hitler", he seem to clear Khamani of wrong doing. ("never threatened Israel").

by calling a sovereign state which even the UN website own account asserts Jews as the  historical and legitimate owners of the land, who have the moral and the historical right to return to the land of their ancestors, from which they had originated.

By calling Israel an illegal entity in the  heart of Islam", and let his dog (yeah that akhmag) do the dirty work for him, he encourages and fosters more then just naked threat, he calls for genocide. In the west  the term it "Plausible denial". Fortunately, no one believes him, even the Pals in WB do not believe in his sincerity. 

Now, who gives a rat ass what  this backward  7th century mind set says about others right to live in their own countries, and define themselves as they see fit?

Sooner or later, it  will be the oppressed Iranian people themselves who eventually will raise and get rid of this backwards, who brought Iran onto its knees.




by smhb on

Good post. Nice article, well written and love the political sarcasim. But I do like to say that the actual modern day Hitler's are in washington, tel aviv, london, and paris. Their hands drenched in the blood of the innocents all over this planet.