Understanding Iran's Deterrence Game
Times / Robert Baer and Hossein Bastani
13-May-2009 (5 comments)

Iran's deterrence doctrine is largely authored by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a wing of Iran's military charged with the protection of the regime. The doctrine is grounded in Iran's experience and study of four wars: the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), Hizballah's war against Israel (1982-2000 and 2006), the Gulf War (1991) and the Iraq War (2003).

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Roger Cohen considers the case of nuclear was

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A grim picture

by KB on

The thought of war is a very depressing one and it will certainly be very damaging to Iran so all should be done to avoid it. 

The article is about Iran's response to an attack, but what The US and Israel have to take into account is the effects of such a war in the region.

We already have a very dodgy situation in Pakistan/Afghanistan.

Iraq is far from stable.

There is a large Shia minority in most of the Persian Gulf states including Saudi Arabia and they will become a massive headache for those governments and the Western Army bases in those countries.

Russia is flexing a variety of muscles concerning Central Asian countries and they have a vested interest in Iran.

All of the bove could seriously mess things up for a long, long time which would be very bad for every one especially Israel.




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War kills



A good balanced and informative article

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I like to add:

Saddam was a dictator like the Shah of Iran and there was no popular resistence to American invasion of Iraq. Iranian regime is a collectively run system by clerics who have their own followers in different regions of Iran. In case U.S. or Israel attack Iran a popular backlash will fight back against the intruders.


Iran's response

by smhb on

Those moron's in israel who talk about such acts of agression but dont dare to initiate it know the response awaiting them.

You guys know the term about the scums occupying Palestine dont you? I dont need to elaborate any further.