Mohammad Maleki on Moussavi
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16-May-2009 (4 comments)

بايد از آقای موسوی پرسيد مگر شما از ۵۷ تا ۶۰ عضو مرکزی حزب جمهوری اسلامی که تمام امور مملکت را در دست گرفت و با همکاری سازمان مجاهدين انقلاب اسلامی هر کاری خواستند کردند، نبوديد؟ مگر شما سالها سردبيری روزنامه ارگان حزب ( روزنامه جمهوری اسلامی) را بر عهده نداشتيد؟ مگر همين روزنامه بزرگترين مشوق چماقداری و قلع و قمع دگر انديشان و تشويق حزب اللهی ها برای حمله به اجتماعات مردم و منتقدين نبود؟ مگر تمام کارهای امنيتی کشور زير نظر شورای عالی دفاع ملی که نخست وزير يکی از ۷ عضو آن است صورت نميگرفت؟ چطور ميشود شما از آنهمه جنايت ها بی خبر باشيد؟
نه آقای موسوی. مپنداريد که در شهر کور و کرها و بيخردان زندگی ميکنيد. شما با همه آن جنايت‎ها و کشتارها و شکنجه‎ها موافق بوديد، آنها را تاييد ميکرديد و هيچ عذاب وجدانی هم نميگرفتيد. حال و آينده هم در برابر چنين اعمالی نخواهيد ايستاد .
بيهوده خود را زرنگ و مردم را بی شعور مپنداريد. شما ... >>>

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Dr. Kazemzadeh

by Fred on

I do agree with your assessment wholeheartedly and must add my admiration for Maleki as well as Zeid-abadi. My aim in that comment was not to belittle his or this type of unbelievably brave and necessary efforts.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

for Fred and Parham

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Fred,

Dr. Maleki is one of the top leaders of the Melli Mazhabi group. Therefore, his position is very significant.

No doubt the fundamentalist regime plays with the numbers. And when this playing with the numbers is with the numbers of Karoobi and Rafsanjani, then these members of the oligarchy cry foul. There are many many different kinds of faking of the number of votes. One is simply to increase the total votes in order to create the illusion of popular support to cover the fact that the regime lacks popular support. Indeed, if they had the support of the majority, they would not be in mortal fear of free and democratic elections. The FACT that the regime does not allow a single free and democratic election is evidence that they are afraid of the wishes of the majority of the Iranian people.

Another kind of faking votes is when one gang in the regime fakes votes in order to bring its own person and undermine another member of the oligarchy. For example, basijis bringing millions of shenasnameh (without the person) to vote, another is when the boxes arrive with stuffed ballots in them, another is simply "counting" the votes.


To show the lack of legitimacy of the fundamentalist terrorist regime, it is significant to show that broad sectors of the Iranian society is brave enough to publicly denounce these pseudo-elections. By so doing, of course, these brave individuals and groups pay a heavy price. Jebhe Melli Iran has publicly undermined the regime circus. So has the Hezb Mellat Iran. Also NAMIR and others.

It is wonderful and very significant that one of the TOP leaders of Melli Mazhabi coalition also has done this. Unlike JM, NAMIR, Iran Liberal Party, who oppose the vf constitution as dictatorial, Melli Mazhazbi do not publicly condemn the vf constitution. In fact, in the past 3 years, Melli Mazhabis were getting extremely close to Mosharekat and other reformist members of the fundamentalist oligarchy. Therefore, such a strong and powerful condemnation of Moussavi from one of the top leaders of Melli Mazhabis is extremely a welcomed sign. This indicates that many Melli Mazhabis have lost faith in the fundamentalist regime and are moving towards an alternative outside the regime.








Your observation is correct.




I never found out

by Parham on

why Jebhe Melli NEVER gets anyone to create a nice web site for them. The ones that have been there so far have always been more than bad!
The problem is not the budget, is it?
Az ma goftan.


خودش خشک میشه میفته


در چارچوب جمهوری صد البته پر مهر و عدل و برکت اسلامی وارد جزئیات و معقولات شدن از آن کارهای عبس و بیهوده است.

 آقا جان زمانیکه قاعد اعظم تکلیف به رأی دادن فرموده اند و گروهان مضمحل شدۀ  روشنفکران تیره ضمیر دمدمی مزاج اکثراً چپول-آیین (چپ ترجمه)  شیفتۀ مال و منال  هم با استدلال دندان شکن خودش خشک میشه میفته تصدیق کرده اند که بله برای رسیدن به کعبۀ آمال باید رفت و تنور انتخابات انتصاب مآب را هر چه گرمتر کرد  د یگر این دست حرف حساب زدنها چه معنی دارد؟ 

 در جمهوری اسلامی دودوتا میشود هفتا، قبول نداری؟ آنقدر بشمر تا بشود هفتا!