Arabs, Persians, Jews
The New York Times / Roger Cohen
18-May-2009 (7 comments)

What’s really at issue here is that neither Israel nor the Arabs want a change in a status quo that locks in Israeli regional military dominance and the cozy relationships — arms deals, aid and all — that U.S. allies from the Gulf to Cairo enjoy.

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Wise Cohen !

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Mr. Cohen tells it as it is.

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Brilliant article from AIPAC lobby!


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khaleh mosheh


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seems pretty clued up to me.


General mistake

by Abarmard on

In some analysis about the region, is when the issue of general public and their governments are mixed. The Arab governments and their mis trust to Iran is based on their friendship with Israel and the Israeli agenda. This has worked for Iran and has created a popular Iranian front in those countries.

The Israelis are perhaps the only country that truly perceive Iran as dangerous, not the Arab citizens. That's because the Israelis trust their government to be honest with them. That is another analysis.

Israel is not worried about the Iranian nukes alone but the Iranian power to stand against the Israeli political dominance, which is ending sooner than expected.

The Arabs can act worried, but they are enjoying the sinking of Israeli government ship in directing the ME policies. It's no more. That's what the issue is and that's what Israel is angry about.That's where the danger of war comes in.

The Israeli concept can not have another power in the region because based on their policy force is the only action that the region understands. Once the implementation of that FORCE becomes impossible, the Israeli must deal with the countries in the region with respect and diplomacy. Something that they are not good at. To the Israeli regime this looks like a nightmare, but in reality it's peaceful and stable.


This proves my point -- And I have been saying since i was intro

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First of all thank you Fred for posting this.

This proves my point -- And I have been saying since I was introduced to in 1999.

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Thank you Fred

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Great article!



whats new ?

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arab monarcies in persian gulf will do anything to stay in power . one of them is to push shitte minorities in corner . and they rather to make peace with jews if they oppose persian . so lame .