Obama: U.S. backs Palestinian statehood, no Iran deadline
18-May-2009 (one comment)

Obama also reminded Israel of its commitment, under a 2003 U.S.-backed peace road map agreement to cease settlement activity in the West Bank. "We talked about restarting serious negotiations on issues of Israel and the Palestinians," Obama said, adding that it was in the interests of both sides "to achieve a two-state solution."


Yabu cannot do joftak parani anymore

by Ostaad on

This was a great moment. To see the Yabu sitting next to the President of the United State, who was not put in the office with a big political debt to the Zionist contributors, like a tame pussy was reassuring. In fact the pro-Israel Zionists in the US did their best to damage his chances for election by distributing mass emails calling Obama a "Muslim".

Obama's dealing with Israel will have great bearing how the rest of the world would treat him. This was/is the mother of all tests. Obama proved today that he does not hold himself limited to what Israel dictates as  a "priority". Obama told an Israeli reporter that both he and Natanyahu thind Iran and Palestine issue are inter-related but he thought soliving the Palestinian problem takes precedence. Not to miss a beat Obama said the settlement building must stop! I watched Yabu nod like a good Jewish boy in the presence of the master.

All I can say is, America is back again.