Stopping an Iranian Bomb
The Washington Post / John P. Hannah
19-May-2009 (one comment)

Short of regime change or military attack, the method most likely to persuade an anti-American, terrorist-sponsoring state such as Iran to cease its nuclear weapons program is credibly threatening the regime's hold on power. While using intense diplomatic engagement with Tehran to make clear the historic opportunity that exists for reconciliation, the United States should simultaneously be working to confront the regime with a crippling combination of diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions and military coercion.

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Fred, you just read one sided articles written by AIPAC agents

by 1L on

You think this is some objective, non-biased piece here?

The article is written by a guy from the Washington Institute on Near East Policy ... founded by a former member of AIPAC and Ambassador to Israel! Cmooooon why dont u just post links to AIPAC's news bulletins.

You sir are a joke and a traitor.