Ok, let's do it after the election'," Ahmadinejad explained.
Press TV
23-May-2009 (one comment)

..."We said we will have no talks before the
election. They were insisting to hold negotiations before the
election," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a news conference on
Saturday in response to a question posed by Press TV.




Not now honey...

by Ostaad on

What Mahmoud is really trying to say, using all his nerdy charm, is he has just found out no one from EU and US will talk to him. I won't put it past him to paly a tape of Obama on his knees pleading for one hour of Ahmadinejad's time, while all this time Ahmadinejad, on tape, was telling him, they should wait until after the elections...after I'm gone. Later he has said to his audience that Obama had sobbed but his tape had ended then and he couldn't record Obama cry.

In all seriousness I think Ahmadinejad is a goner. He's done his job and fulfilled his role as a representative of Iran's military-industrial complex, the first time Iran has has such institutions since the 1500s.