Animator shows films about Iran / alex duckles
26-May-2009 (2 comments)

In 1986, during the thick of the Iran-Iraq war, Iranian animator Noori Zarrinkelk visited Dartmouth for the first time to give a presentation on his work. Zarrinkelk returned to the College last Friday — over 20 years later and with Iran once again in the news — to give a similar presentation in Loew Auditorium. Zarrinkelk screened five of his films, which express the need for global peace and understanding, as well as two others from contemporary Iranian animators. Animation experts worldwide hail Zarrinkelk as the “father of Iranian animation” for his body of award-winning work and his role in founding several animation schools. After starting his career illustrating children’s books, Zarrinkelk has since has gone on to become the president of the International Animated Film Association

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Azarin Sadegh

UN, his new film

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks Irandokht jan!

I've been lucky to have seen parts of his new film "UN" (It isn't finished yet)...but it was an incredible work of art and full of the message of humanity! A real critic of today's state of the world! Of course, with the election of Obama, I hope that many of the points in this movie would feel like belonging to the past!

Love, Azarin



by IRANdokht on

“The situation we’re suffering now is the separation of people.”

“My main concern in art is how to send the message of peace and
friendship and love, and how to spread it around so that everybody
knows about every other nation”

Humanity thru art... I am very
impressed Azarin jan :o)