Has Iranian-US Dialogue Ended?
asharq alawsat / Tariq Alhomayed
27-May-2009 (one comment)

Therefore, the game now has become clear for
everyone to see so it would be safe to say that dialogue, if it comes
about, will be distorted. The strangest thing that I’ve heard is a
phrase that the Americans use about Iran that someone told me: “If you
want to confuse the Iranians just tell them the truth!”

It seems that the truth is what will ruin any chances of American-Iranian dialogue.


One never finds garbage like this in Israeli press

by Ostaad on

This is what I wrote Mr. Alhomayed in response to his article:

Mr. Alhomayed, I would like you to know that I read asharq alawsat regularly just to make sure that some people in "Arabia" still maintain their inferiority complex about Iran and the Iranians. Your publication and your incessant claptrap about Iran is a solid indication that some Arabs have been inflicted by a bad case of Iranophobia which defies logic and apparently there is no fast cure for it either. But then what can one expect from a graduate of an obscure so-called university in Arabia who has worked all his so-called journalistic career as a gossip columnist for tabloid owned by a Saudi "prince".

The author's lack of knowledge about Iran becomes clear by claiming "If there is a new president, there will be two or three months of an internal power struggle ahead of him...". No Mr. Alhomayed, Iran's foreign policies are set a higher level than the president and you even alluded to that fact. Khamenie has been on record that Iran seeks negotiations with the US and EU about a wide range of issues including Iran's legal and open nuclear program, which is a technological endeavor that the backward tribal "kingdom" where you live in has not been permitted to even contemplate.

"The region" has no problems with Iran. You cannot call the problems a few unelected despots and tribal chiefs who like to think of themselves as the "royals", some pay your paycheck, with Iran's progress as problem with the region. Iran has good relations with many peoples in the region although you and your patrons apparently are not among them. That IS a good thing for any Iranian.

You and some Zionist commentator have interpreted Obama's recent comments as a "deadline". Obama loosely mentioned the "end of the year" as a time to evaluate the progress of the talks. He certainly did not mention a deadline contrary to what a few Arabs like you and some like-minded Israelis and its Zionist supporters are trying to sell as a deadline.

"Iran planned to exploit the Palestinian Cause in negotiations with America and to achieve legitimacy in our region." Wow, Iran seeking legitimacy from a bunch of unelected tribal bosses, despots and presidents-for-life?!!! Iran's reputation as a place for arts, cinema, technological advances, and yes, women who are allowed to drive speaks for itself. I don't think considering your country's reputation as the modern-day cradle of "jahelieh", political and social tribal backwardness and the incubator of Wahhabi terrorism and terrorist puts it in a position to offer "legitimacy" to an advance country like Iran.

Iran has never "exploited" the Palestinian cause. Iran and the Iranians believe in supporting the underdog. Especially since all "Arab" efforts to influence Israel has failed. A glaring sign that no one takes the rules of Arabia seriously is that Israel, the US and the world has ignored your "kings" peace proposal. Can you imagine the same treatment given to Iran if it had come up with such proposal? Certainly the world would have paid much more attention to it had it come from Iran.

Lastly, about your ridiculous quip that if you want to confuse the Iranians just tell them the truth. I don't know what American told you that. I have lived in the US for 30 years and I have never heard that before. Maybe the Americans who talk to you also work during summer as rodeo clowns and some of whom may be writing for asharg alawsat too if the price were right. They see "journalist" like you and say to themselves, I can do that. By the way Mr. Alyomayed, you work for at asharg alawsat, what do you know about the truth?!