A New Iran Overture, With Hot Dogs
The New York Times
02-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

“It is another way of saying we are not putting barriers in the way of communicating,” said one administration official. “It is another way of signaling that there is an opportunity that should not be wasted.”

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good news for real Iranians - bad news for traitors

by 1L on

So traitor Fred... upset a little? perhaps you should call your pals at AIPAC and see whats going wrong in the game plan.


testicle maali ham haddi dareh

by Horse feathers (not verified) on

A continuation of mullahs' feet and butt kissing by the Obama Administration which started off while Clinton was in office when he sent Madeleine Albright to rub Kharazzi's ..... apologising for the 1953 coup ...

p.s. Mullahs never gave a rat's ass about the late Dr. Mossadegh!