Voting for Lebanon or Iran
Asharq alAwsat / Tariq Alhomayed
08-Jun-2009 (3 comments)

We will also find out today whether the Lebanese - who have been freed from Israeli, and later Syrian occupation, and who also experienced Hezbollah arms used against them during the Beirut coup [7 May 2008] - want a free and independent Lebanon, or whether they will vote to put themselves under the authority of the Wilayat Al Faqih. This second possibility will mean that Lebanon will no longer be the country that it once was; what Lebanon experienced following the Lebanese Civil war, and other wars, is far less [dangerous] than subordination to Iran, which will not only change the very fabric of the country, but also cut Lebanon off from the rest of the world.



by Ostaad on

I emailed the following response to Mr. Alhomayed:

Mr. Alhomayed, wouldn't be nice if the tribal chiefs who rule your country and impersonating as the "royals" allowed you and your children to enjoy the civilize right to vote one day? How can a person like you who is a citizen of one of the most backward societies, politically speaking, and who has never been allowed to vote for anyone for any position even be able to make comments about who voted for whom. I am sure you do not know the first thing about voting because those who sign your paychecks have prevented the people of Arabia to attain the most basic rights which is voting not even at the most rudimentary stage.

You, as a citizen of Saudi Arabia have no experience with democracy and voting therefore you lack any credibility to even comment about Iran and Lebanon, two countries that are light years ahead of your so-called country.



Mariam Amiri

What a pathetic paper

by Mariam Amiri on

This pan Arab paper is the most anti-Iranian of all Saudi-pan Arab newspapers owned by Al Saud Princes.

These newspapers have very low credibility as they only criticize Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Their anti Iranian rhetoric is more aggressive than many Israeli papers. And they seem to only talk about women's rights in Iran, forgetting that in Saudi Arabia women can't even drive cars, vote, and work in many places.

They also make frequently write about separatist organizations in Iran like PJAK : //




And I bet

by Parham on

you e-mailed him that as "a concerned Iranian" didn't you? :)