Is Ahmadinejad on his way out in Iran?
[Persian] Gulfnews / Amir Taheri
10-Jun-2009 (3 comments)

In the old French adage, revolution is a feline beast that eats its own children. Judging by the latest developments in Tehran, however, Iran's revolution appears to be different: it is a beast that eats its parents. For much of last week, millions of Iranians sat glued to their television sets as the four officially approved presidential candidates went through the crucible of head-to-head debates broadcast live. The idea for these debates came from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has broken many rules in Iran's esoteric political game.


"Faghat Boro"

by Ostaad on

I was floored by Rezaie's remarks about "economic federalism". As an ardent federalist who lives in a federal country, my hope has always been to see the Federal Iran as a country that lets its regions to determine their economic and local political affairs. Considering Rezaei's military and revolutionary track record including his close relation with the center of power in Iran, his public preference for federalism made me ecstatic. Can't wait to see the Federal Iran on the world scene soon.



I am with ostaad on

by nojanthegreat on

I am with ostaad on this.

government need to be as small as it can be. we need to boost local government by going to shora elections( city counsel ) see if we can make mayors to be elected direct by people by voting and then we can work to make them more stranger.

this way we get people involved in local level so with their tax we can run the country so we can use oil money to help support our defense system as ostaad show us in another news . and we can give more loans to people to build mom and pops businesses.


To OStaad

by Anonymous4654654654 (not verified) on

You're living in a dream world my man! these bozos say a lot of things, that does not mean that any of what they say will come true!

Karrubi also said that he would not force hijab on women if he is chosen! Oh really?!!!

I am afraid we are going to have four more years of constant conflict, infighting and more of the same as we did during the four years of Khatami with the exception that Moussavi is more obedient!!!