Man Behind Iran Policy Faces Big Task
The Washington Post / Glenn Kessler
14-Jun-2009 (one comment)

The official announcement of his appointment as the State Department special adviser for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia came in a late-night news release in February, in contrast to the public ceremonies that heralded the appointments of special envoys such as Richard C. Holbrooke and George J. Mitchell. Unlike Holbrooke and Mitchell, he reports only to the secretary of state, not also to the president, suggesting that Ross's views will carry less weight in the administration.


Why can't we have patriot dealing with Iran?

by Ostaad on

The US administration is well advised to get rid of Dennis Ross. He is a notorious Israel-firster and his "contributions" to the US-Iran negotiations are going to be nothing but harm. He works for Israel, he speaks for Israel and it is a shame the US is even considering him to be in the postion the he is.

Let's get rid of the rascal and replace him with a partriot not a foreign agent.