Why is Dennis Ross being ousted as Obama envoy to Iran?
Haaretz / Barak Ravid
15-Jun-2009 (9 comments)

The Obama administration will announce that Ross has been reassigned to another position in the White House. In his new post, the former Mideast peace envoy under President Bill Clinton will deal primarily with regional issues related to the peace process.


Israel's agent: Out

by Ostaad on

Dennis Ross has made a career in the US to work as an Israel-firster, thus endangering the US national interest to for Israel's illigal occupation and its Apartheid regime. He should not even be given a janitorial job in any US government. The US should send this traitor to Israel where he belongs.



This is one good result of Iran's election!

by Jaleho on

Dennis Ross is the Clintonite Israeli agent with expertise in " deals"-often clandestine- to promote Israeli interests and stick it to the other group.

The MAIN reason that US hates Ahmadinejad more than ANY other person is because he has shown that he's definitely against any "clandestine" deal. He loves to talk to the US, but completely OPEN, the way he talks in the UN, or Larry King or writes open letters.

Dennis Ross can not use his "expertise" in dirty deals with Ahmadinejad; Khatami or Mousavi would have been his dream team!I am not saying that they would sell Iran at all, but they are the "behind the scene" type of guys, as most politicians are. In fact Ahmadinejad is just an abnormality in that respect.

Even Natanyahu is getting ready for new policy!!


Mola, may be its time to sacrifice a camel

by KB on

The best thing Obama has done so far.


Farhad Kashani

It is sad that at a time

by Farhad Kashani on

It is sad that at a time when the regime is murdering our people who want nothing but freedom and democracy, and at a time when the world has finally realized the barbaric nature of this regime, these people are still obsessed with Israel and post news about Israel !

These people actually think that after 30 years, and specially after what has happened in Iran the last few days, people will actually buy into their trick of converting attention from the IRI regime to Israel every time the regime is cornered! These people actually think their trick works!

So sad!


Obama is more anti-Israel

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

than Iran?


Dennis Ross

by ahvazi on

is not a good envoy for Iran-US relations. I am sure they can find someone more qualified, someone who knows Iran and Iranian culture. Ross was more of a Israel-Palestinian. My vote would be John Limbert.

Mola Nasredeen

Finally a good news among all the bad ones

by Mola Nasredeen on

Obama gets it and he's on the right track for engaging Iran. Thanks for posting the article.



by Ostaad on

Kicking Dennis Ross is good for America, whether the Iranian regime had anything to do with it or not is secondary. This is about getting rid of the Zionist parasites, who work for Israel and have infested the American government apparatus in order to subjugate the US national interests to the whims and interests of the Zionist Apartheid regime. Now, if Iran had anything do to with it, then the American people should thank them.

Dennis Ross should have never been appointed to his current position, which is a bureaucratic one at the State. He did not have ANY executive responsibilities. I think the big guns of Obama's ME policy are Jones and Holbrooke, who are on the scene. Ross was a report writer for Hillary. Now he's out and his office should be fumigated for sanitary purposes.

Don't forget Obama's goal is to get Iran onboard regardless of the "regime" for very important geopolitical reasons, and that's good for Iran. Let the Iranians take care of the regime.  


Because Iran has smelled a weak American..so they can demand

by Anonymous on

Barack Obama seems to want to go out of his way to mollify the Iranian regime. The fact that Ali Khamenei rejected Ross should make his star shine a little brighter for Iranians in the streets, if they’re inclined to notice it at all. With the Guardian Council backpedaling from an electoral disaster, Obama should not be anxious to provide them succor. Instead, the Obama administration should have shown some resolve.

And are we supposed to believe that the Obama administration was unaware of Ross’ views on Iran before appointing him to the post? Either they’re incompetent, Ross is dishonest, or they’re retreating. There is no third option.

What does this change mean? Obama wants to pursue his policy of engagement with a regime that has already lost the support of the Iranian people. It’s akin to his weird focus on nuke reductions with Russia. It’s as if Obama wants to implement the foreign policy he preferred as a college student, only implemented a quarter-century later. Appeasing the mullahs by tossing Ross aside only makes sense if one believes that the Iranian people are fully behind the regime, and the pictures from the streets of Tehran show how ridiculous that assumption is.