Khamenei rides a storm in a tea cup
Asia Times / M K Bhadrakumar
17-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

How is the regime coping? Clearly, Khamenei is in the driving seat and is in control of the state apparatus. He is skillfully navigating the regime through the choppy waters. Khamenei's meeting with the principal opposition candidate in the election, Mousavi, merits attention. The official statement makes out certain key points


The greater context: Very important read

by sima on

You must read Bhadrakumar's take on the situation both inside Iran and within the greater regional and international context. He is a shrewd observer and vastly knowledgeable.



The Fact that most of Iran's neighbours have sent...

by Ostaad on

Ahmadinejad their congratulatory messages and he was received with all the official status symbols at Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in Yekaterinburg as well as being congratulated by the heads of SCO member states on his "re-election", confirms his acceptance by the "world" as the president of Iran. Ahamdinejad in his tailored new pinstriped suite smiling and shaking hands with Medvedev seemed to send exactly that message to all who are wondering about his status. The Arab governments in the Persian Gulf cannot even spell "legitimacy", therefore they are not going to make any noise about how terrible it is to steal elections - they simply don't know what it means.

The interesting point Mr. Bhadrakukar rasies in this article is that Mousavi has been offered a deal that he can't refuse. Khamenie has apparently toll him to drop the "shark" and join the piranha, that is Khamenie, and have a role in running things including the possibility of becoming Ahmadinejad's Foreign Minister. My hunch is he'll take the offer and all those freedom loving tweeters have to keep tweeting and wait for their angel to bring them freedom.