U.N. Atomic Energy Chief Says Iran Wants Bomb Technology
The New York Times
17-Jun-2009 (7 comments)

“It is my gut feeling that Iran would like to have the technology to enable it to have nuclear weapons,” Dr. ElBaradei, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency said in the interview at the organization’s headquarters in Vienna. He said he believed Iran’s “ultimate aim” was to be “recognized as a major power in the Middle East.”Nuclear weapons technology, he said, was “the road to get that recognition, to get that power and prestige. It is also an insurance policy against what they have heard in the past about regime change.”

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the technology

by Barbra on

btw. "would like to have the technology to enable it to have nuclear weapons" that's not the bomb, right? it's the technology.

And the media as always go hysterical! He must have known that. And now when Iran is destabilized, he coudn't have chosen a better time to tell us about his feelings.





by nojanthegreat on

Its just fred trying to catch fish in this muddy waters .

If American or Israelis had any proof of this program they would have attack Iran in past 8 years .

American are not worry about Iran’s A bomb or WMD program . They are worried if Iran can pull this program off without help of USA or west powers its going to set a bad example for third world countries who thing the only way out is WTO .



by Hass (not verified) on

Hey who needs facts when you have "gut feelings"? If Iran wanted to have a weapons option, then why would it offer to place additional restrictions on its nuclear program beyond its legal obligations, such as opening the program to mutlinational participation and placing strict limits on its enrichment? Is that something a country that wants a nuclear weapon would do?


LOL! 7 years and all they got is a gut feeling?

by Vanik (not verified) on

Fred, this really isn't making your case at all!


The clue is in the bold text

by Anonymousity (not verified) on

Barbra asks "why now?". The answer is suggested by the bold text "It is also an insurance policy against what they have heard in the past about regime change".

The IRI probably suspects that the current revolt is just a precursor to an attempted military incursion to execute a regime change, as was done to Iraq, and they feel that the ultimate deterrent to the US or to any other nation with regime-changing goals would be the threat of nuclear retaliation.

The IRI is on its heels now, and they're probably scared sh**less that they are in danger of losing their privileged positions at the top.


why now???

by Barbra on

He was always like they don't want the bomb, wasn't he? So what the hell is going on?



by Retarded (not verified) on

You don't say!!!!!!!!!!!