I never thought I'd be rooting for Iran
Haaretz / Bradley Burston
20-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

I am in awe of the courage of the people of Iran. They are giving the world hope. They are teaching a shocking lesson about truth. They embody freedom. And, perhaps hardest to grasp, for those of us who live in the Middle East, they are putting their very lives on the line not for the sake of some ferociously sectarian End of Days, but for the most profoundly radical notion of all - a better life. Every person who has taken to the streets to demand what their government promised them, free and fair elections, did so knowing that police or secret police could arrest them, act to cripple their careers, or outright gun them down.

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shut the f***k up both of you


Go and get f88ked by Arabs


this governmnet would lve to support arabs and paletinians but not Iranian


Ostaad I wish you and your whole family and your IRI supporters go to F888king hell


I wonder if ....

by ./. (not verified) on

I wonder if he has not witnessed worst atrocities by his own government (i.e., on palestinians). I I am certain that he has. Then why he keeps quiet about that? Is it possible that he does not have the courage, as Iranians do, to speak up?