Iran's Election Drama More Elaborate Than You Think / Muhammad Sahimi
24-Jun-2009 (5 comments)

...Moreover, a few days before the June 12 elections, the IRG's head of the political directorate, Brig. Gen. Yadollah Javani, accused Mousavi and other reformists of trying to start a color revolution (since Mousavi had used green as the symbol of its campaign), and warned that the Guards "will suffocate it before it is even born." So the coup leaders are, in fact, the IRG's top commanders. They represent the right wing of the second generation of Iranian revolutionaries.


stop! it's not khameneyi, it's mesbah!

by Parham on

Certainly a very interesting conspiracy theory to consider...



RE: companies doing business with Iran

by Mona Birute HB (not verified) on

Does anyone know which companies are doing business with Iran? I feel so helpless watching this terrible situation unfold and the voices of those young people so willing to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs is heartbreaking. Calling companies and asking them to be good corporate citizens by stopping all trade while this goes on is the least all of us outside the borders of Iran can actually do.

Begin with Nokiasiemens who supplied the country with the ability to locate callers from inside Iran. Someone suggested on Twitter that they could shut down that particular aspect of the system they sold Iran. I have no idea but here is their website.
Phone numbers for their offices in all countries where they are located are listed on that site.
Canada: Ontario 905-819-5899
US: Chicago 630-874-2300

If you can list more companies, I will check back and be happy to call or write.

My prayers are with those brave people in Iran
Vancouver Canada.

anonymous fish

very informative

by anonymous fish on

As one who is relatively unfamiliar with the names in the news, this is extremely helpful... but pretty damn scary too!


Not just a theory

by Mehrban on

This is of serious concern to the democratically minded Iranians in Iran.  


The details will be revealed

by payman irani (not verified) on

The details will be revealed soon; however, at the present, the enemy is clear, and it is important not to lose our focus at these crucial moments. Death to the dictator. Long live humanity and democracy.