Reports of a trial date for Baha'i leaders falsely accused of espionage
24-Jun-2009 (one comment)

According to information conveyed by the authorities in Evin prison to the family members of the seven Baha'is who have been imprisoned in Tehran, Iran, for over a year, their trial date has been set for 11 July 2009. This information has been provided to the family members only orally and, as information conveyed by officials concerning the judicial process has often proved unreliable, it is possible that the Iranian authorities may find some reason to change the trial date.

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Public Scapegoats

by s. (not verified) on

The sundered regime now needs to divert attention to its favorite public scapegoats; the peaceful, non-political people among them who have never opposed the government or broken its laws, Baha'is. No matter what the regime does to these prisoners, it won't curtail the spread of Baha'ullah's Teachings across the world. Baha'is exist in over 200 countries, growing everyday.

In fact, if the theocratic rulers of Iran could study the Baha'is from a different point of view, they might learn some important lessons. They might learn how people like the Baha'is inspire mass loyalty from across all national and ethnic borders without coercing or oppressing anyone.

Meanwhile, the seven Baha'i prisoners who languish in jail pray for their jailers(!) as the same jailers reduce their food rations their familes are not allowed to bring anything to them). The keepers of Evin hold these seven in confinement, refuse to present them with formal charges and disallow access to legal counsel.

As a Baha'i, I implore God; help Iran!