Iran uprising fizzles out as Mousavi backtracks
The Independent / Kim Sengupta
27-Jun-2009 (9 comments)

In his latest message Mr Mousavi urged supporters not to break the law, while maintaining that the struggle to have the polls annulled must continue. The opposition leader said he had been asked by the Interior Ministry to apply in person for rallies to be authorised, and to give a week's notice. He pointed out that while restrictions were imposed on his protests, supporters of President Ahmadinejad were able to hold marches "that were well publicised on state television, seeming to encourage participation, with their regularly advertised march routes."

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Accidental Leader

by shirazie (not verified) on

Musavi was an Accidental leader.. He is one of the boys..

we need to lay out a long term fight. There are lots of brave Iranians in Iran that will step up. We expat should help them with material support. Some of us are experienced in organizing opposition from the last dictator, we need to step up also. we may be in our 50's and 60's but still Iranians and alive.

Standing in Front of Fed Building in Westwood is stupid. these worthless acts - create traffic jams (which turns natives off) and bring out the old wounds among Iranians.


This is great news...

by Ostaad on

This is one of those IRI schemes that can backfire and present Mousavi as a serious opposition leader. Having his picture in print and electronic media submitting applications "in person" to the authorities to hold demonstrations every time there's going to be one a week in advance, is Mousavi's ticket to show himself as a bonafide leader of those who are on the scene in Iran . Mousavi has been the behind the scene kind of a leader so far, and now is the time to become an in-you-race kind of the leader. Mousavi should accept this gift from the regime lickety split.

Darius Kadivar

Parham My Pleasure ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Take Care,




by Parham on

Just never mind the bollocks. And thanks!


Which part says he has backtracked?


I read this article this morning because of the title and did not see any reference in the text to Mousavi having "backtracked"!    


Which part?

by Shangool (not verified) on

This article's title is a load of BS. Which part of Musavi's statement indicates backtracking? The Western media (particularly the British) have been broadcasting total garbage on Iran in the last 2 weeks. Let's not forgot one thing: Ahmadinejad is the West's (and Israel's) golden boy.


DK, you are the clueless one

by Mazdak (not verified) on

as usual. Parham posted a news story a week ago with the byline that utoob is mentioning. I'm disappointed at Parham. It seems his ego is more important than what is happening in Iran. It almsot seems almost that he wants the movement to fail so that he could come back and say I said so. Well, history has been made in Iran and there is no going back if not today then tomrow. You just wait and see. Inspite of the cynics.

Darius Kadivar

utoob I think Your Confusing Parham with Abarmard ...

by Darius Kadivar on

which proves your comments are clueless ...


Parham is happily back!

by utoob (not verified) on

From "Ahmadinejad is who Iranians want "
to " Mousavi bye bye",you have not said much else while Iranians been covered in blood !

It is now obvious what you prefer and what you stand for.