Message from the Universal House of Justice
29-Jun-2009 (4 comments)

With hearts grieved by events unfolding in Iran, we address this letter to you, the steadfast followers of Bahá’u’lláh in that land. To the concern for your safety that has long weighed on us is now added mounting fear for the safety of millions of Iranian men and women, so many of them at the pinnacle of their youth, their vast potentialities yearning to be realized. How rapidly have veils been rent asunder! Cruelty meted out in calculated measures to you and others over the years has been unleashed in the streets of Iran for all humanity to see. No matter what the turn of events, we are confident you will adhere firmly to the fundamental principle of our Faith that strictly prohibits any involvement in partisan political activity by individual Bahá’ís or by Bahá’í institutions. Yet you cannot remain aloof and insensitive to the suffering of your people. Decades of hardship have prepared each of you to stand as a beacon of strength in the circle of your family and friends, your neighbours and acquaintances, radiating hope and compassion to all those in need. Keep alive in your hearts the feeling of confidence that the future of Iran holds bright promise, the certitude that the light

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Ali Najafi

Nice letter

by Ali Najafi on

I found this letter to be filled with dignity, wisdom, and integrity. I also found it to be relevant to people who are both secular and religious, as it is a message that touches on core human ethics.

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by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I am with you. If we get rid of Santa Clause, tooth fairy and god then we will get somewhere.


I am soooo tired of hearing about religion....

by Marathonman (not verified) on

I am soooo tired of hearing about religion, weather it is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrian, or Bahia. My heart goes out to all those who have been subject to terror and pressure by the Iranian government. But I hate to say it.....Its because they think god is on their side!!!
People people there is no god, and religions are a bunch of gibberish made up by a few opportunistic people to suppress the masses and take advantage of them. Please cut it out and face the real world.


beautiful message

by mehrdad Iran (not verified) on

A very beautiful and positive message about future of Iran. Hopefully soon we will have a free nation with real democracy.