Iranians Take Risks To Upload Their Dissent Online
30-Jun-2009 (2 comments)

Saeed Valadbaygi, a 26-year-old Iranian blogger and activist, has uploaded dozens of videos to Facebook page and blog, where he keeps a running feed of information about protests and clashes in Iran. He told the AP that his friend saw Neda Agha Soltan get shot and filmed one of the graphic videos that raced around the world after capturing her bloody death. Valadbaygi said his friend gave him the video and he uploaded it to his Facebook page, where he has more than 4,900 friends. The video spread instantly over the Internet as others on Facebook, Twitter and bloggers linked it to their sites.

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by caterpiller (not verified) on

I saw some link here to some BS about pres raygun saying "we let the shah down." Well all 'mericans aren't blind and stupid. My country used Iran in the cold war. Some of us know the score. The secret US gov. and the short sighted CIA and affiliated shadow organizations propped up the shah. They (not we the people) helped set up the shahs secret police and used them when convenient. When the CIA didn't want to get their hands too dirty. They also pit Iran and saddam (their boy) against each other. Raygun! I remember "october suprise" I remember uncle jimmy's delta force mission to go get the hostages that was sabotaged. (yes, I said SABOTAGED!! by george bush the 1st's CIA. Sand in the intake my ASS! He was to raygun as chainy was to his idiot son.) We still fight for freedom and truth here as you must in persia. Every generation must fight despite the lies and Machiavellian machinations of the power elite and the ongoing shadow wars that somehow can't be totally acknowledged in the light even by the "good side"
inshalla allah akbar!! the One is the One by any name. There is only one The One


wearing green

by john Caterpiller (not verified) on

it may not mean much but my friend susan was handing out green arm/head bands at the weekly drumcircle in Asheville North Carolina, USA (we say big bend, katuah provence, turtle island) on friday night.